Countdown Clock for Email Newsletters (or Website)

Breakthrough Technology

FINALLY... A Countdown Clock You Can Deliver To Your Prospects' Inbox

It's a long established fact that creating scarcity and urgency will compel your prospects to act.

Scarcity triggers the fear of missing out. No one wants to miss out. As a result... people engage, people buy.

And of all the techniques and psychological strategies that have been tried, it's those curious little countdown clocks that seem to work the best.

Throw a countdown clock or timer on your website or blog and watch your conversions, sales and engagement skyrocket. It's just that simple.

But there's a problem. What if the prospect never comes to your site or blog?

If a ticking clock sits on your site and no one sees it... does it help put money in your pocket?

First, let's ask ourselves a question...

     "Where are your best prospects right now?"

Odds are, they are NOT at your site. Rather, they are looking through emails in their inbox. And sadly, 99% of all countdown clocks DO NOT WORK in emails!

Next, let's remember the old truism we've all heard, "there's money in your list."

If we just put 2 + 2 together, we've solved the mystery of doubling or quadrupling our sales!

So here's our timely wrap-up... All we need to do is send our next email offer or newsletter promotion to our list and this time... include a countdown clock!?!

Super Simple Setup

Create Your Custom Countdown Clock in 5 Minutes or Less


Sign-up today and gain instant member-only access to our exclusive Email ClockStar Countdown Clock Generator.

You can create unlimited ready-to-use countdown clocks using the templates, colors and font styles built in to the ClockStar generator. There are literally 1000 different style combinations at your fingertips.

Five simple steps and your countdown clock is ready to copy-paste into the HTML source code of your site, blog or email newsletter editor.

Works with all email autoresponders and/or site builders including: MailChimp, aWeber, Constant Contact, iContact, GetResponse, 1ShoppingCart, Infusionsoft, SimplyCast, Benchmark, Office Autopilot, and all others.

Unlimited clocks for unlimited uses:

  • countdown timer Add urgency to your newsletter blasts.
  • countdown timer Add scarcity to your site or blog
  • countdown timer Build anticipation around an upcoming launch.
  • countdown timer Get attendees excited about future webinars or events.
  • countdown timer Countdown to your next big sale.
  • countdown timer Days left until a Holiday.
  • countdown timer Offer discounts or bonuses for those that act within a limited time.
  • countdown timer Create compelling limited time offers.
  • countdown timer Run contests with a deadline.
  • countdown timer Setup countdown campaigns for your clients.

ClockStar Works Where Others Fail

YESYour Prospects' Inbox: YES YESMobile Devices: YES
YESWeb Pages: YES YESYour Blog: YES and YESSocial Media: OF COURSE!

Works On Web Pages

Most countdown clocks and timers are built in FLASH or require Javascript.

On the contrary, Email ClockStar operates on nothing but images. This means it works on any website, blog, social media page or email... just like an image.

No plugins or complicated coding required. Just copy paste, sit back and watch your sales skyrocket!

Works On Mobile

Checking email is the #1 activity of Mobile users these days. A statistic that is only going up.

When you blast out your email newsletter, it's very possible that you'll have more people read it on their mobile device than on a desktop PC.

Email ClockStar works on Mobile sites and within all image-enabled Mobile email programs.

Works In Email

Yes, yes, yes... the money is in the list. Whether it's YOUR email list or perhaps the list of your client or partner.

It's YOUR job to take YOUR offers, products & services to your prospects. Email ClockStar delivers urgency and scarcity to your prospects' Inbox.

Get Email ClockStar Today! Your new "Secret Weapon" for making money around the clock.


Talk to any "Email ClockStar" user... they all say "WOW!"

What Ticks For You?

YESStart where you like. YES Upgrade at anytime.
YES Go "Stealth" and Save (pricing below is a special limited-time offer).

Free Version

The FREE version is designed to provide a 24 hour countdown and is ideal for sending out a newsletter the day before your sale or special offer expires.

The FREE version offers 10 background options, 10 font style choices and 8 font colors. You have unlimited access and may create as many 24 hour countdown clocks as you like.

The FREE version is branded with the Email Clockstar logo. Select the "Standard" or "Stealth" version if you want no branding on your countdown clock.

The free version requires you be a subscriber to Dan Hollings' Marketing Tips Newsletter. There is no cost to subscribe. Unsubscribing will cancel your free version of Email Clockstar,

No-cost offer:
No Credit Card Required

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Standard Standard Version

The STANDARD version is designed to provide unlimited custom countdown clocks which may be set to expire at any date and time you choose within 99 days out.

The STANDARD version includes:
   countdown timer 12 background options,
   countdown timer 12 font style choices,
   countdown timer 12 font colors,
   countdown timer PLUS large & small sizes.
   countdown timer PLUS no branding.

The STANDARD version is uniquely designed for use in email newsletters, however it works equally as well on any web page or blog.

The STANDARD version does NOT contain the Email Clockstar logo (it is in effect, white labeled).

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Special offer:
$14.95 mo.
30-day guarantee

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Get three months FREE with our annual payment plan. Save $44.85 and lock-in our lowest rate for life.

Stealth Stealth Version

The STEALTH Version is designed to provide all of the features in the standard version PLUS three additional special features:

countdown timer Includes the ability to easily LINK your countdown clock to your sales or landing page (i.e: add a hyperlink).

countdown timer An added collection of over 12 eye-catching small-sized countdown clocks (not found in other versions).

countdown timer Includes the unique “Stealth” ability to provide an alternative view for those email recipients that have their email images set to “OFF.” This is a killer feature considering the fact that up to 65% of your email recipients may NOT see any images within their emails.

Stealth Image-Off Example

countdown timer PIMP YOUR CLOCK STYLES with rounded corners, dotted, dashed and framed borders for maximum "eye-candy" effects.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Limited-time offer: Regular Price
$19.95 mo.
30-day guarantee

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Get four months FREE with our annual payment plan. Save $79.80 and lock-in our lowest rate for life.

IMPORTANT: Email Clockstar will not work if your email recipient has “images off” in their email client (though the "Stealth Version" does provide an alternative). Email Clockstar will not work if your email recipient uses an email client that will not display animated images, however most email clients do display animated images.